Mango sauce

Mango is a sweet and tasty fruit that contains vitamins C and A and various types of carotenoids Which strengthens the immune system. Mango is one of the most widely consumed fruits in the world and is grown in the tropics

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Mango sauce is one of the most popular products, especially in economy fast food. Due to the soft texture of the mango fruit Mango sauce also has a soft texture.Due to the tropical nature of this fruit, mango sauce also has relatively high calories. This 20 gram sachet is a good suggestion for people who like a mild but delicious condiment with their food.

This sauce has very beneficial properties in calming the nerves and strengthening memory by using mango puree in it and helps to strengthen the digestive system.

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It is interesting to know that this sauce is prepared from a combination of mango puree, vinegar, glucose, sugar, spices and salt

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