Hot red pepper sauce

 Spicy red pepper sauce has many benefits that we often dont think about it. Turner (Nutritionist, New Mexico) and colleagues at the Chili Pepper Institute considered Hot pepper is to be something beyond that We can call it the “hot pepper paradox”. This means that despite the fact that we always consider consuming such spicy sauces crazy and avoid them, spicy sauces are one of the healthiest foods on the planet.

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Spicy red pepper sauce is for those customers who do not know any boundaries in spiciness.These customers like all foods to have a spicy taste to them and you should have an offer for these people so What better suggestion than spicy red pepper sauce

this 20 gram sachet is main part of the meal of spicy lovers taste, By putting this sauce next to your food, you will create unique moments for your customers.

Salut hot red pepper sauce ingredients

This sauce is made from a combination of red pepper, salt and vinegar to move the edges for lovers of this taste.

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